The Karuna House is located at 119 West Second Street, Perrysburg, Ohio 43551. To learn more about the Karuna House, please contact: 

Gretchen Leu at 419.466.9891 or

Andrew Lesniewicz at 419.467.9406 

To schedule an appointment with one of our therapists, please contact them directly at the numbers listed below.

Mental Health Counseling                                                       

       Gretchen Leu  419.466.9891                                   

       Andrew Lesniewicz 419.467.9406 and

       Lauren Komperda 419.482.8458                                       

       Lisa DeClark 419.376.6059                                                      

       Sara Whiteside 419.779.4945

      Jennah VanAlstine 419.509.9529

      Jared Rose 419.410.1830

      Amy Wozny 419.575.5066

      Deann Gossard 419.315.6422

      Matthew Black 724.826.0082

      Matthew Black's Website:  Schedule Online:



Addiction Treatment/Intensive Outpatient Recovery Program 

    Deann Gossard 419.315.6422

    Matthew Black 724.826.0082

Yoga/Meditation/Yoga Therapy

    Jenn McCullough 419.266.9642