Deann Gossard, MA, PCC, LICDC, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, EMDR Certified

"The beauty of the human spirit is it's ability to face adversity and rise up to become more than it ever was before."

Deann gossard is an EMDR certified licensed professional clinical counselor who specializes in trauma and addiction. She graduated from the University of Toledo with a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Counseling Education. She sees both adults and teens. Deann is also a Certified chief instructor of Choi Kwang Do, and has spent 27 years working with the community promoting awareness, self empowerment, mental and physical health. She believes that by taking a compassionate and holistic approach, we can reconnect with ourselves and others to heal and grow. Deann is passionate about this work, and feels so frequently humbled by her clients' strength and resiliency and is honored to be part of their journey.

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Amy Wozny, M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor

“I believe sometimes we get to a place where we feel stuck, frustrated, or hopeless and need someone to support and assist us without judgment.  My purpose is to provide a safe, compassionate space in which you can safely explore and fully understand your current struggles, gain insight and self-awareness, and help build a strong foundation in order to move toward a more balanced, healthy, and peaceful life.  There are many parts that make up the whole you, which I believe we can begin to explore and develop together.” – Amy Wozny

Amy Wozny believes in a strength-based, collaborative counseling approach.  She aims to understand every client’s unique history, personality, obstacles, and circumstances.  Together, Amy works with the client to identify values and explore ways to overcome and heal past and present struggles.  She favors empowering clients and assisting them to build their personal repertoire of healing and coping strategies. 

Surviving and thriving in her first career as a stay-at-home mom, Amy deeply resonates with the importance of speaking to someone who has compassion and understanding, and a genuine ability to actively listen.  She earned her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling so she could dedicate her life to providing this service to others.

Amy has counseled university students on a variety of needs, and she excels at guiding adults through the process of self-realization to find a clearer sense of meaning in life, reduce anxiety and depression, and strengthen interpersonal relationships.  She believes that the client is the expert in his or her own life, and that her role is to guide the process of setting and reaching healing goals.  The belief that past experiences impact individuals in their current situations inspired Amy to pursue training in EMDR.


Jill Proudfoot, M.A., LPC, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Trained

“Therapy is first about discovering. It’s about who you are and about what your deepest emotional attitudes are. It’s not just about who you think you are. It’s not opinion. It’s not something you can know with the intellect. It’s about who you are in the very heart of yourself. That’s the flavor of psychotherapy, discovering yourself, discovering your real attitudes toward the most important pieces of your life.” —Ron Kurtz, Hakomi Founder.

Jill is passionate about helping individuals overcome personal obstacles to improve their life and find their utmost potential. Throughout her life she has been motivated to help individuals through traumatic experiences and is deeply inspired by individuals’ capacity for growth and healing when dealing with life’s difficulties. Her areas of focus include trauma, attachment, neurobiology, and psychotherapy.

As a level one trained sensorimotor psychotherapist, she believes that the wisdom of the body holds the key to healing psychological problems. She incorporates somatic therapies, neuroscience, attachment theory, and cognitive approaches, with a foundation of the Hakomi Method principles of Mindfulness, Nonviolence, Unity, and Organicity.

Through individual and group therapy Jill serves people with a vast array of needs and strives to maximize wholeness and healing to individuals, marriages, and families.


Riann Tippett, MSW, LSW

“The path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things that you thought you understood and see deeper and deeper truths.” – Barry H. Gillespie

Riann believes that each of us has a unique voice and understanding of the world. There are times that sharing our story can help us develop a deeper understanding of our individual strengths and allow the expression of our powerful voice. Riann is passionate about meeting her clients within their unique experiences and further developing a clearer understanding of themselves. She believes that all clients deserve unconditional acceptance, compassion, and empathy. These core beliefs allow Riann to provide a safe space for her clients to explore their authentic selves and discover their deeper truth. She has spent her career working with clients that are coping with trauma, emotional crisis, addiction, mental health disorders, and those in the LGBTQ community. Riann earned her MSW from The Ohio State University with a specialization in mental health and substance use disorders.